The Beginning and the Expansion of AOL

AOL, abbreviated form of American Online is also known as the godfather of Internet. The world of 1980s or the world before that was quite different from our world. Back then there was no internet. At that time, through few computer networks were available, they were mostly restricted to few groups of scientists. But in 1983 Bill Von Meister created Game Line which later evolved into AOL. Within a year of it’s inception Game Line was busted and soon from a gaming network it became a proto-internet. AOL is best known for it’s dial-up service that started in 1993 and became immensely popular among the American mass.

Is AOL Free to Use?

AOL is an online service provider that lets you create an email account, chat, read news. is a free service. Earlier, if you wanted to use AOL, you had to pay a certain amount but now it is a free service. You can send mails, chat with friends and read news on AOL without spending a single penny. Despite the fact that AOL has seen a major setback in recent times, it has still millions of users. According to reports, AOL has 2.1 million users alone in United States.

The Technical Support Team of AOL

AOL has a very efficient technical support team who leave no stone unturned to provide a head-ache free experience to their users. The technical support team of AOL understand that all of their users are not professionals and they always try to solve the problems of their users with utmost patience. If you face any trouble while using any of the services provided by AOL, you can always seek the help of the technical support team of AOL by contacting the AOL technical support phone number.