Residente - René Pérez Joglar

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Residente - René Pérez Joglar
René Pérez Joglar - Residente bild


René Pérez Joglar

Genre: Dokumentärer

Pris: 99,00 kr

Hyrpris:: 39,00 kr

Utgivningsdatum: 03 oktober 2017

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Discover how Rene Perez, AKA Residente, evolved from struggling art student into the founder of Latin America’s most influential rap group, Calle 13, and became one of Latin America’s most outspoken critics of injustice and corruption. Inspired after mapping out his DNA, Residente left the group the peak of its success to embark on a new project through Siberia, the Caucasus, China and West Africa in order to trace the footsteps of his ancestors. Music becomes the primary focus, framing each destination and informing every conversation.

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